3 AM Xtreme Paranormal Ghost Hunting Society
3 AM Xtreme Paranormal Ghost Hunting Society

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Investigating the paranormal!

About US

Specializing in Paranormal Investigations:


 We do not charge for our services.
  Our mission is to capture, without question, evidence of the unknown,  the unbelievable and the unexplained. We seek to identify the intent of  anything unnatural existing among you. We aim to help the living  understand, cope with, and be unafraid of, the beyond that lives among us.
  What is left after failure to uncover scientific evidence, must be paranormal. 

Why we do it


Our group's main goal is to help people figure out what they have going on in their home or business.  We focus on finding out if it's NOT paranormal.  Research is performed on every location to find out the history of the location, as this may aid in the direction of our investigation

What To Expect


We will first do a small interview, usually at your home or business.  Please prepare to answer many questions .... some may be uncomfortable... but are necessary in determining the cause of the disturbance.  Then we will perform and overnight investigation to further gather evidence and try to communicate with whatever might be there, if anything at all.

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For questions or requests for customized readings, please send me a message. I will get back to you soon.

3 AM Xtreme Paranormal Ghost Hunting Society

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