Stag’s Head Pub

Stag’s Head Pub located in Willow Springs is a business that has been around for a very long time with different owners and under different names. Known originally to be opened and ran by one of Al Capone’s henchmen, who with his wife ran a brothel and a small gambling casino. Because of the different violent incidents that occurred in the past, owners, workers and customers throughout the years have reported noises, apparitions, objects moving and physical experiences that all them could not explain and/or understood.

The 3AM Xtreme Paranormal team where lucky enough to investigate Stag’s Head and quickly were convinced that something was definitely going on at Stag’s Head. We are currently finalizing our findings and will be posting them very soon on our evidence page.

Big Timers


Big Timers is a business operating in the northwest suburbs of Chicago where loud crashing noises and shadows are reported. Also reported were mysterious situations such as doors unlocking on their own and objects moving from their original locations during closing hours.

The history of the building begins in the 40’s. Once known as “Casa Madrid”, it served as a gambling house which was owned by well known mobster Rocco DeGrazia, one of Al Capone’s hit men. The stories surrounding the building include mysterious underground tunnels and passageways leading the way to other rooms which housed brothels, casinos, speakeasy rooms and even interrogation rooms – the later in which various murders were rumored to have taken place.

Big Timers was a difficult investigation, where 3AM Xtreme Paranormal had to bring out the extra equipment to do a proper investigation. Because of this, its taking a little longer to thoroughly review and post our finding.