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Acceptance Mark

Thank you for viewing our Gear. With each donation of amount specified, you may choose a free piece of Gear. The monies donated will be used to buy new equipment and supplies. We greatly appreciate any donations. We are not a "non-profit" organization as defined by the government for tax purposes, but rather a Group that operates not for profit.
Please email us with any questions. Thank you.

Xtreme T-shirt

Xtreme Shirt Front  Xtreme Shirt back
Click on image for detailed view.
T-shirt sizes
Note: One free per donation

Xtreme Cap

Xtreme Cap - Black/Red w/Flame  Xtreme Cap - Black/Grey w/Flame  Xtreme Cap - Solid Black

Click on image for detailed view.
Cap Colors
Note: one free per donation

Xtreme Pen

Xtreme Pen

$2.00 ea.

Note:one free with donation

Cabernet Capital Investment and Management
Take the confusion out of mortgage process and/or refinancing