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We use various techniques while investigating.

Here are a few of the basics:

Before doing any EVP Sessions:

Equipment suggestions for proper paranormal investigations




8MM Video Camera 8mm video camera, sometimes a little hard to come by, these cameras offer you the best night vision ability without spending thousands of dollars on a high end camera. Just make sure the camera offers night vision. Attaching an IR illuminator helps with night vision.
We have had good luck with Sony CCD-TRV16 180x Handycam Vision
Audio Digital Recorders

A must have piece of equipment to do a proper investigation is the audio digital recorder. Picking the right one is important.

  • Its has to be able to record for several hours.


  • Able to connect & download recordings onto your computer.

  • That It has multiple recording folders to record multiple sessions.

Your recorder may also have a memory card which is ok as long as it has the 3 main features above. Best advise we can give you, is to purchase a digital recorder

Digital Cameras Digital cameras, there are 2 type of cameras the "Point & Shoot" the less expensive of the two and the SLR (the more expensive which gives you the ability to change lenses). Both do the same thing but each one gives you different features and capabilities. Over all you cannot go wrong with either one unless the amount of pixels on the camera is to low, the higher the pixels the better. Also keep in mind, both have limitations when there is not enough light to photograph, especially with digital cameras.
EMF Meter EMF Meter measures low frequency electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation levels from video terminals, printers, fans, faulty wiring, power lines, microwave ovens, electrical appliances, etc. From a paranormal investigation aspect, the EMF meter is used to help distinguish what electromagnetic fields are created by man made items like appliances or wiring rather than what is created by ghost or something paranormal. There are a variety of EMF meters out there, again the best advise we can give you, is to purchase one that is easy for you to understand and use.
Flashlights Safety is very important on any paranormal investigation and a small flashlight is one of the top pieces of equipment that you have to have. Running into walls is not fun! You have your typical flashlight that we all know with 1 bulb and then you have your LED flashlights. The major difference is that the LED lights are more efficient so they use less battery power. Either flashlight will work just make sure you have several on had.
Infra Red Camera System IR Camera System, these are night vision cameras that are set up throughout a paranormal investigation. Each camera is wired with video and audio and connected to a surveillance hard drive that records each camera. There are different systems out there and each one offers different features. Please do your research before purchasing a system. One tip to look out for, is to check the distance the IR cameras can see and record clearly.
K2 Meter KII Meter, is like the EMF Meter that it measures electro magnetic fields. The difference is that the meter measurement on the KII Meter is indicated by 5 LED lights rather than a moving needle like the EMF Meter. The KII Meter is used by researchers asking questions aloud and try to use fluctuations in the magnetic field as a medium of communication for the spirits' answers.
Mini DV Video Camera Mini DV Digital cameras, are usually smaller in size than the old Hi8 MM cameras. These are the cameras that most investigators like to walk around with because most of them offer a stabilizing feature unlike most of the older Hi8. Like the 8MM cameras attaching an IR illuminator helps with night vision.
Tri-Field Meter Tri-Field Meter is like a KII and an EMF Meter. the TriField independently measures electric field and magnetic field, and is properly scaled to indicate the full magnitude of currents produced by each type of field inside a conductive body. The Tri-Field gives you some extra features of measuring electromagnetic fields that some others do not.

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